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Theme Installation

Here is a guide how to install a WordPress theme from the WordPress Admin Panel. Step 1. Save theme zip file on your computer After choosing a theme and placing an order from the site, you should receive an email from us with a download link. Open the email, click on the theme zip link and save the file on your computer: Step 2. Log in your WordPress admin panel, from right menu navigate to Appearance -> Themes page Step 3. Click on the ‘Add New’ button Step 4. Click on the ‘Upload Theme’ button Step 5. Click on the ‘Browse’ button Step 6. Choose the theme zip file from your computer (which was downloaded from Step. 1) Note: Sometimes, the theme zip file could exceed the maximum allowed size for the uploaded files, in that cases the following error will be displayed: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Instead of updating php.ini file (sometime you don’t have access to modify it), you can resolve the issue by: 1) Un


姓名: 何佩珉 英文名:  Mandy Ho 職業: 女演員 國籍:  香港 中國 出生: 1991年9月12日 教育程度:  中七畢業 [US] He Peimin Actor Profile Mandy Ho Actor Profile

ELLA [ 浪費眼淚 Wasted Tears ] Official Music Video

Image [US] ELLA - Wasted Tears MV

S.H.E [ 你曾是少年 Wings of my words ] Official Music Video (「少年班」電影主題曲)

Image [US] S.H.E - Wings of my words MV

信 Shin [ A摟V The fling of A&V ] Official Music Video

Image [US] Shin - The fling of A&V

PLAY我呸 covered by 閻奕格 李友廷 Karen


ELLA [ 想念自己 Be Yourself ] Official Music Video

Image [US] ELLA - Be Yourself

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