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Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

The Prepaid Debit MasterCard® will be mailed to you in over 200 countries and credited with your payments from misterb&b. After receiving the card, you will be able to use it just like a regular debit card. With the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, you can withdraw funds from any ATM machine, and make purchases (online and in store) wherever MasterCard® is accepted in your local currency. You can also withdraw the funds from your Payoneer account to your bank account in your local currency. Benefits: Access to cash immediately after receiving a payment No charge for transactions online and in stores. Latest Chip and PIN technology for enhanced security Withdraw funds from your card to your bank account: Lower cost, easy access to funds in your bank account in your local currency Available in over 80 countries. Competitive exchange rates – up to 2% above the official mid-market rate Tips: Since the withdrawal charge is per transaction, it’s best to withdraw high amount

使用Free Website Submitter登錄天空桌面:何佩珉

[US] Use Free Website Submitter to register CitySky Wallpapers Download: Mandy Ho

Small businesses target hyper-local mobile ads via brands? apps

Cidewalk, developed by online ad network Chitika, allows businesses to create their own mobile ad and have it appear across more than 10,000 popular mobile apps to users in a selected town. With pricing going as low as $1 for 1,000 ad views, the service opens up the world of mobile advertising to smaller businesses that may lack the resources to match strides with larger marketers. "I've been running five separate ad campaigns using Cidewalk for several weeks now, and I have really been amazed,? said Elie Sakhat, owner of El Basha Restaurant, a family-owned local chain of three Mediterranean restaurants, near Boston. For each, I picked the highest price point at 5,000 views for $5, and it was well worth it,? she said. ?I have had a bunch of customers come in during that period saying they saw my ad on their phone, which is the most you can hope for. ?Plus, I get stats showing the number of views and exactly where the ad was seen, which I really like.? Direct connection

Start monetizing traffic became much easier

We’re working hard to bring the most flexible and easy-to-integrate solutions to our ad network. Here’s another great feature ready to boost your income and give you new monetization opportunities! IF YOU ARE a media buyer, Facebook (or any other social media) group owner, mobile developer, or online marketer who wants to generate profit but doesn’t own a website, your choice is our improved Native Direct Ads. Start monetizing your traffic without adding a website in 3 easy steps How it works? Simply log in to your Publisher’s account or register if you are a newbie and get the link for your auto-optimized Direct Ads to start monetizing any type of traffic from social media, mobile applications or purchased traffic . Step#1: Login to your account, choose “Sites”, then “Add new site” and click button “Create Direct Link” step-1-1.png Step#2: Select “Native Direct Ads” and click “Next” to provide a name & get the code step-2-1.png Step#3: Get your uniqie URL

Meet the company: Payoneer

By Chris Dawson March 20, 2017 When you start selling internationally, one of the first things on your mind will be how do you make it easy for your customers to pay and how do you get access your funds in foreign currencies? Payoneer aim to make this simple with the ability to trade as if you had a local bank account in each country you sell in. What’s more you can send or accept payments to or from any other Payoneer customer, world wide, for free. I spoke to Daniel Mayhew, Payoneer UK Country Manager to find out more. Daniel joined the UK Payoneer team towards the end of November 2016 as Country Manager. Previously he worked for Earthport as Vice President Business Development, was Vice President at Intelligent Payments Group and before that Head of Partnerships at Western Union’s Business Solution. What is Payoneer? Payoneer an innovative digital payments company transforming the way online sellers send and receive cross-border payments. Millions of online sellers


作曲:伍樂城 填詞:黃偉文 編曲:伍樂城@RNLS 監製:伍樂城@RNLS OP: RNLS Publishing Ltd. admin by Universal Music Publishing Ltd. / Wyman admin by Universal Music Publishing Ltd. S:蔡卓妍 G:鍾欣潼 S :留在地牢陪住你 未見天和地 從沒大門和大窗 有亦都閉起 如熱戀 是禁室 願禁錮到死 誰稀罕 那一種叫自由 的骨氣 G :然後別人陪住你 讓我淒涼地 離別樂園回地面 已下一世紀 方知幸福 不要求你 S+G : 從泥濘 重拾我自己 S+G : 仍然為你在喝采 S : 答謝 當天不愛 S+G : 其時沒有被放開 G : 結局 肯定無奈 S+G : 時時亦渴望報恩 S : 得你不愛 糾結不再 G : 受些苦 卻換到將來 S+G : 除塵除害再重開 S+G : 仍然為你在喝采 當你選了她 曾讓我淚流 覺得舉世我最悲哀 S : 重遇你倆 才驟覺 G :那次誰獲了勝 S+G :勝者也不光彩(明白你已待我好) S : 得你不愛 先有真愛 S+G :若霸佔著我 怎麼出去 再賽 G : 感激你善心 S+G : 放過上期舊愛 S : 能像現時成熟嗎 在你栽培下 G : 能獲後來成就嗎 隔絕於你家 S : 給趕回家 G : 想說誰怕 S+G : 重尋回 前路也不差 S+G : 仍然為你在喝采 S : 答謝 當天不愛 S+G : 其時沒有被放開 G : 結局 肯定無奈 S+G : 時時亦渴望報恩 S :得你不愛 糾結不再 G : 受些苦 卻換到將來 S+G : 除塵除害再重開 S+G : 仍然為你在喝采 當你選了她 曾讓我淚流 覺得舉世我最悲哀 S : 重遇你倆 才驟覺 G : 那次誰獲了勝 S+G : 勝者也不光彩 (明白你已待我好) S : 得你不愛 先有真愛 S+G : 若霸佔著我 怎麼出去 再賽 G : 感激你善心 S+G : 放過上期舊愛 G : 情願乾脆的不愛 S : 狂哭兩季便無礙 G : 若一方有心牽制 未放開 S : 長情像我 S+G : 淚滴變海 S : 仍然為你在喝采 G : 仍然為你在喝采 S+G


就如同歌名一樣,這首歌是送給你愛過、但不愛你的人。 [US] TWINS "Unloving Grace"

TWINS《不愛之恩》[Official MV]

Image [US] TWINS "Unloved Grace" [MV]

Ad Placement Location, location, location.

Believe it or not, the realtor’s mantra applies to your ad units. You might have an awesome site with great traffic, but it won’t matter if your ads aren’t in the right place. Ad placement can make or break a site’s chance at earning good ad revenue.